Aluminium Polyurethane Slats

Rolling Shutter H32 DOT

VL Poly Shutter Venti H32 Dot is the new microperforated aluminum rolling shutter with polyurethane foam, with 32mm height and 1.6 mm ventilation holes. Venti H32 Dot stands out for the unique design of the micro-perforated hook, which ensures better air recycling, brightness control and protection from annoying insects. The effective usage as an insect screen system, along with the high levels of ventilation, luminosity, and visibility, create the ideal solution for housing or professional use.

In addition, the ergonomic design secures an optimum rolling and the installation in smaller boxes compared to the traditional perforated slats. Ideal solution for renovation and new constructions.

Available in pre-painted colors, and in any RAL, RAL MAT and Special color shading. Available in: 1) Rolling Shutter in final dimension. 2) Rolling Shutter slat - 6m

You can download the H32 brochurehere

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Wind Resistance

Final Dimension

Final Dimension Rolling Shutter

Slat 6m

To cut and construct a rolling shutter

01 White

25 Light Gray RAL 7038

38 Sliver RAL 9006

42 Aluminium Grey RAL 9007

44 Anthracite Grey RAL 7016

74 Black RAL 9005

02 Sepia Brown RAL 8014