Classical Systems

Apollo 38mm (vertical movement)

The brake mechanism allows the screen to freely function on its way down and to slow speed on its way up. It provides safety and a smooth, silent operation. It is easily installed on the plastic stopper of the screen.

  • The guides are available with simple or reinforced brush.
  • It is available in 6m bars, in standard dimensions KIT, as well as in special dimensions, in all colours.

Vertical movement Apollo with a 38mm box casing, can be applied in all doors and windows. It offers silent operation, reliability and it is easy to install.


  • Maximum installation height 2.40 meters.
  • The screen closure is achieved with the use of regulators, where the hook holding the lower casing is located in a conic frame and is held by a safety catch.
  • It can be fixed into position in the casing in two ways: 1) by screwing the special plastic installation clips (which are provided with every component set). They are screwed on the upper part of the desirable installation space and are afterwards attached on the screen box, 2) or with the use of retractable stoppers which allow opening of up to 10mm in the case of wrong cutting or irregular span, covering every defect.
  • The internal plastic stoppers fit perfectly in 4 spots on the screen casing, which helps to always maintain the desired span of 22mm and avoid a closure which would cause a system malfunction. The plastic stop is already adapted on the stoppers, the lower casing
    from hitting internally on the screen net.

Technical Diagrams