Classical Systems

Apollo 42mm (vertical movement)

Vertical movement Apollo with a 42mm box casing is suitable for installation on doors & windows.


  • New 42mm box casing for comfortable operation
  • Telescopic caps
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Silent and reliable operation

The guides incorporate a simple brush, reinforced or windproof. It comes in 6m bars, in a standard dimensions KIT, as well as in special dimensions, in all colors.

Technical Diagrams


Flexible installation Perfect and secure fitting Quick installation
The telescopic cap allows smaller cutting of the insect screen up to 10mm from the opening. In case of wrong cutting or not having a perfect shape of opening, any defect can be fully covered. The internal plastic stoppers fit perfectly in 4 spots on the box casing and as a result the desired opening of 22 mm is maintained. This way, the closing of box casing – which may cause a malfunction of the system – is avoided. The upper stopper can be screwed onto the box casing for an even safer fixing. The telescopic cap is fixed on the right and left of the opening and the box casing is clipped without the need of a second person during installation. The same procedure is followed backwards, when the insect screen needs to be repaired.