Classical Systems

VL Apollo 42mm Plus

Maximum comfort, minimal aesthetics

Vertical movement system, ergonomically designed to offer daily functionality and comfort. With a box 42mm wide, it is the ideal solution in window frame constructions where there is no required space for installing an insect screen system. Suitable for external installation and distinguished for a quiet and reliable operation in the long run.


  • Maximum installation height 2.50m.
  • Easy & quick installation for doors & windows regardless dimension.
  • The use of telescopic caps allows opening up to 10mm in case of incorrect cut or not straight opening, covering any imperfection.

Available in 6m bars in 9010, 8014 or Mill finish. The guides are available in 6m bars with standard or reinforced brush. The brake mechanism allows the fly screen to operate without problem when moving downwards and reducing the speed when moving upwards.



Minimal aestheticsErgonomic designClosing mechanism

With a box width of just 42 mm, it is the ideal solution for large doors and windows up to 2.5 meters high.


Discreet knob, integrated in the thin, straight handle profile, with a V shaped design to attach to the lower guide.


The brake function allows the insect screen to move freely in the descent and reduce the ascent speed, ensuring a safe and quiet movement. The brake mechanism can be easily mounted on the inner plastic cap of the system.


Maximum brightnessExternal installationInstallation

Maximum brightness and visibility through the perforated gray Stiff net material.


The system is installed outside the window frame, being the ideal solution for new or existing constructions, where there is no required space for an insect screen installation.


The use of telescopic caps allows for an opening up to 10 mm in case of wrong cutting or angled wall, covering any imperfection.