Pleated Systems

VL Plisse

Affordable luxury and high aesthetics for any space

High quality horizontal movement insect screen system, with waterproof pleated net material and plastic chain, in the upper and bottom side. It is ergonomically designed for large opening constructions and available in single-leaf, double-leaf, three-leaf and four-leaf typologies. Distinguished for its impeccable functionality over time.


  • An accordion-type non flammable endurance net, made of polyester, offering protection, shading and durability in adverse weather conditions.
  • A cord between the net layers provides protection against wind and frequent everyday use.
  • It does not use a return spring, thus rendering the door opening and closure, easy to children or elderly people.
  • It allows covering of wide balcony door spans, as it can be used as a 1/leaf or 2/leaves screen. By joining
    leaves consecutively a 3/leaves, 4/leaves etc. screen can be formed, thus covering a span of up to 6m.
  • It is available in two net colors, black or grey.



Minimal aestheticsInnovationMaximum brightness

With a total profile width of 37,6mm and straight lines, it is suitable for both new constructions and replacement of old systems.

The movement with the use of a plastic chain in the upper and bottom side and the horizontal cords of the insect screen, provide resistance to weather conditions and daily use.

Maximum brightness and visibility through the perforated, waterproof pleated net material made of 100% polyester, in black and gray color, with a pleat height of 18mm.

InstallationMaintenance & storageClosing mechanism
Possibility of installation on not aligned walls, with the use of facing profiles and special clips, which cover any construction imperfection.Thanks to the plastic clips, VL Plisse insect screen can be removed easily and quickly, to be cleaned or stored during winter.Manual operation with magnet, without return spring, ensuring gentle opening and closing of the leaf, at the desired level.
Large openingsComfortable passageExternal mounting frame

Ideal solution for large openings over 6 meters wide. By joining one leaf after another, a trailed insect screen is constructed.



The use of a plastic chain instead of a bottom guide makes the passing-through much easier for children, elderly people, and people with special needs. In addition, the chain facilitates the cleaning and the water drainage..

The external mounting frame of VLPlisse insect screen is used in openings where there is no space to install the system inside the opening. It is suggested to use connection angles, to match the 45°angled profiles.