Pleated Systems


The Plisse screen is a revolutionary product for balcony doors, offering smooth function, endurance and quality.

  • An accordion-type non flammable endurance net, made of polyester, offering protection, shading and durability in adverse weather conditions.
  • A cord between the net layers provides protection against wind and frequent everyday use.
  • It does not use a return spring, thus rendering the door opening and closure, easy to children or elderly people.
  • It allows covering of wide balcony door spans, as it can be used as a 1/leaf or 2/leaves screen. By joining
    leaves consecutively a 3/leaves, 4/leaves etc. screen can be formed, thus covering a span of up to 6m.

      Width Height
    min 700 mm 1.100 mm
    max 1.800 mm 3.000 mm

    It is available in two net colors, black or grey.


Smooth Passage Not Aligned Wall Frame Removable
The use of a plastic track does not require a bottom guide, thus facilitating the passage and floor cleaning as well as water drainage off the casing, in case of rain. The profile facing bearing a special clip, makes up for an extra solution in case of an not aligned wall The special plastic clasps used in order to fix the Plisse screen into position, enable the user to remove it from the casing in order to clean or store it.


Installation type

 1/leaf (system with magnet closure) 2/leaves (central closure with magnet in the middle) 3/leaves (asymmetrical-trailed with magnet closure) 4/leaves (central closure with magnet in the middle)