Pleated Systems

VL Phoenix

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New horizontal movement screen system with waterproof pleated net for windows & balcony doors.

It has a bottom aluminum guide with 10mm height, for bigger penetration of the net. This way the system is durable to weather conditions, as it is harder for the net to exit the bottom guide.

The guide has intersecting exits for water outflow on both sides.


    • Total profile width 25mm with straight handle profile & 2 different buttoned external handles for better robustness.
    • Waterproof pleated polyester net, perforated, with 18mm pleat height offering more brightness and better visibility.
    • The net can be completely covered into the guide on closed position, up to fly screen width 1200 mm.

It is available in two net colors, black or grey  and also in KIT or make to order dimensions



Noise Avoidance
Durable and Long Lasting
Integrated Magnets
Specially designed upper cap with projections for better application & noise avoidance.Bottom profile caps that buckle to the bottom horizontal guide & retain the frame rigid & stable. Their ergonomic design does not allow the profiles & net to be lifted and achieves the invisible ride of the cords, to the bottom guide. Therefore limits their damage & contributes to greater durability & longer product life.Magnets integrated into the upper & bottom caps (in both handle and facing).
Optimal Sliding
Installation without Tools
Bottom handle cap attached to the bottom guide at both edges. The bottom part is not touching the bottom guide, so that there is no contact, ensuring optimal sliding.Easy to be supported with special clip caps, which are incorporated in the upper & bottom guide. No holes are needed and installation is done without tools. Regulation possibility for better straightening of the fly screen.

Download Top view diagrams.

Cutting, Installation & Assembly instructions