Classical Systems

Orion 2leaves (horizontal movement)


The guides incorporate a simple brush, reinforced or windproof.
It comes in 6m bars, in a standard dimensions KIT, as well as in special dimensions, in all colours.
Also available with black net, achieving better visibility. The black net also has an innovating weaving, which withholds pollen providing a cleaner environment.
The Orion system incorporates a brake, for a smooth and safe function.



Middle plastic guide support mount
The durable mount, supports the upper and lower guides. The lower mount is lower in height in order to facilitate a smooth passage and be proportionate to the guides height. The upper mount facilitates the fixing of the upper guides on the span, since it is designed in such a way that the one guide is first fixed and then the second one.


Two-leaf safety sliding bolts
Both leaves dispose safety sliding bolts both in the upper and lower side. Their function in combination with the guides support plastic parts, secure the screen leaves in such a way that either one of them or both remain open. Their modern design and high quality offer a beautiful look without any alteration in the appearance of the screen.


Plastic holding clip
The Orion screen horizontal system has in each installation kit 2 plastic holding clips, thus facilitating their installation . They allow during the installation of the screen, their screwing on the upper and lower part and afterwards the clasping of the screen box-casing on them. In this way, the horizontal movement screen systems require only one person for their installation and can be installed much faster.


Self-greasing alignment trundles
The trundles are located in both the upper and lower side of the moving part of the screen, to guarantee that it remains parallel and that movement is smooth and silent. They operate in combination with the stoppers, since their shape secures the trundles and maintains their stability at the spots where their mount is wedged, this way it preserves their absolute contact with the guide.