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Affordable luxury & effortless functionality ... all weather

Bioclimatic free-standing pergola system, offering versatile sun, wind, and wet weather protection, suitable for housing or professional use. Ergonomically designed to offer shading in small or large outdoor areas, such as the garden, the patio, the pool. Available in three standard dimensions KIT and it is distinguished for the ease of assembly and installation. The movable blades and the optional zip blinds system offer impeccable functionality and comfort, for all seasons.

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Technical Diagrams

VL Pergola DIY Advantages

Easy installation | VL Pergola DIY is available in ΚΙΤ, in three dimensions. It can be easily installed by two persons with the use of ordinary tools (screwdriver, wrench, hammer, staircase) and all related accessories included in the package (screws, bolts, nuts, etc). No further machining is required, since all posts and beams are pre-drilled and ready to assemble, only by following the installation instructions.


Sun Shading | Sun shading VL Pergola is ergonomically designed to shade spaces up to 13 sq.m., for comfortable and relaxed sunny days. The two-sided blades operate separately, offering different levels of sun shading within the seating area. Available in KIT, in three dimensions: 3x3m, 3x4m, 3,6×3,6m to offer sun shading at any space.


Waterproofing | The movable blades offer protection from the rain, maximizing comfort while enjoying outdoors. When the blades are closed, the rain is blocked. The pergola’s gutter system reliably ensures water drainage through the four vertical posts, towards the ground. The gutters are integrated in the horizontal beams, thus invisible from the outside.


Minimal aesthetics | The modern frame and posts’ design with straight lines and the grey powder coated finish (RAL 7016) create an outdoor shading system of minimal aesthetics, that can perfectly fit a housing space, a hotel or any other professional premise, revealing the relentless pursuit of a high-quality lifestyle.


Blades functionality |  The movable blades operate manually with the use of hand crank, enabling installation and operation at any outdoor area, even when there is no provision of power supply.


Sturdy construction | VL Pergola DIY is purely made of aluminium profiles at RAL 7016 powder coated color, offering robustness and ensuring that the pergola will remain unaffected by the weather conditions in the long run. The aluminium vertical posts and horizontal beams, along with the base plates provide great stability in the construction, given that the installation has been done properly in either cement or wooden ground, following the instructions.


Free standing Pergola

01 White

44 Anthracite Grey RAL 7016