VIOMAL SA, founded in 1985, is a leading producer of aluminum rolling shutters, insect screen and shading systems for domestic and professional use, based in Greece and a subsidiary of ElvalHalcor. The factory and headquarters are located in Vatontas, Nea Artaki (80 km from Athens). In Kalochori Thessaloniki (6th km of the Thessaloniki-Athens motorway) the company operates a branch office and a product distribution center for the customers of Northern Greece and the Balkan countries.

The primary production activity of the company is the Aluminium Rolling Shutters, with the use of aluminium coil as the main raw material and the Insect Screens Systems. The Rolling Shutters range has been completed with the vertical production of accessories, the Galvanized Octagonal Axis and the Aluminium Boxes, either with polyurethane insulation or extruded.

Having foreseen the market tendencies year after year, VIOMAL S.A. invested in the production of:

Viomal  export activity exceeds 65% of turnover with a strong customer base in Europe, Middle East and Africa and international presence in more than 20 countries worldwide

Viomal operates under a strict Quality Policy, according to the Quality Management System ISO 9001-2015


In addition, Viomal demonstrates responsibility and respect with regards to the environment and the society, and has been certified according to the system  ISO 14001:2015


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