Motorized Insect Screen with ZIP

Motorized Insect Screen with ZIP

Viomal’s new motorized insect screen system with zip is the ideal combination of functionality, ease of use, durability and aesthetics. A popular choice for those who prefer the natural ventilation of the space, while protecting it from annoying insects, but also who want to maintain easy access to the outside, thanks to the electric function. 



The aluminium shading system (box, guides, bottom rail), in combination with the high-quality fiberglass net equipped with zip on its edges, form a motorized insect screen that is, not only functional and durable, but also certified for Class 5 wind scale (84Km/h wind speed, which corresponds to 9 Beaufort). Suitable for any opening up to 17.4 sq.m., with remote operation.







Technical Diagrams



Available Dimensions







Installation Options | Door or Window

It can be installed Inside or In Front of the window recess