ZIP Vertical Shading System

Square Box

More than just sun protection...Protect your people and the space from bright sunlight, strong wind and bad weather. Create the perfect ambience at home, at workplace, or at any business premise by installing externally the vertical VL ZIP Tech Shading system on any opening up to 17.4 sq.m., externally or at the interior, and operate remotely at the push of a button.

It offers excellent wind resistance, while optimizing the lateral tensioning and stability of any fabric. The slim shaped VL ZIP shading system, made of aluminium, creates a stylish façade for a lifetime.


The Square Box is available in two dimensions W100 and W125 and in all electrostatic paint colors RAL, RAL MAT and Special.The high-quality shading fabrics in a variety of shades and visibility levels are UV resistant as well as water and frost proof, protecting the privacy of the space, while allowing visibility to the outside.

The shading system is certified for Class 5 wind scale (84Km/h wind speed, which corresponds to 9 Beaufort).

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Exterior Installation

Interior Installation

Technical Diagrams

Technical Diagrams_Square Box

Available Dimensions





Installation Options | Door or Window

It can be installed Inside or In Front of the window recess

Installation Options | Pergola

It can be installed at any side of VL Pergola DIY