Retractable Security System

Retractable Security System SILEA model "λ"

SILEA model "λ"

Retractable security railings model λ is an innovative product, of high aesthetic level, patented, providing a complete solution to the requirements for safety, elegance and functionality.

It is offering:

  • Robust construction
  • Easy passage
  • Flawless appearance
  • Rotate 180°
  • Quiet operation
Our company provides warranty (good function) for three years. Ensure the door maintenance using water with mild detergent. Use spray (Q20) only at the wheels of the upper guide at the bottom plugs, moving parts of leve "λ" and moving parts of the lock.


Leve “λ”

The leve are made of high resistant galvanised steel. The joining method is not externally visible and its innovating shape rends breaking and entering extremely difficult. The special shape of the leve guarantees absolute symmetry and parallel orientation of the system both during the opening and the shutting procedure.


The uprights consist of stainless steel profiles, covered by aluminum. The stainless steel profile has a special shape which renders it more resistant to cuts and increases the firmness of the entire construction. The aluminum profiles which cover the stainless steel profiles, render the joining point of the leve externally invisible and protect the railing from dust and weather conditions.


Each upright is moving with the help of a double trolley. The trolleys are self-greasing, having thus a very low friction and noise coefficient during their movement, and guaranteeing a high wear and high/low temperature resistance. The first hanging post which also bears the lock abuts on a quadruple trolley for even higher stability.



A steel hook with a stainless socket in the stable part and two safety locks which are secured in the upper and lower guide. When the door is open, the package can be immobilized with a simple key turn. The special lock hub consists the most secure and modern market offer. The hub and the cleat can be rendered not visible externally providing thus even higher security.


Robust construction Easy passage Flawless appearance Rotation
Retractable security railings model «Λ» are made entirely of stainless steel which is also equipped with external aluminum lining for a secure, protected and stylish environment which becomes difficult to be violated. The bottom guide can easily be reversed and integrated with the door facilitating crossing by children, elderly and disabled persons. The combination of different materials of which SILEA is made, provides durability and elegance in space, while the outer parts offer excellent appearance, a large variety of colors, easy cleaning and guaranteed security. Thanks to special connectors featuring, can be rotated 180° to the opposite side of the opening, allowing even better transit
Quiet operation Variety of types 3 point lock Easy installation
The sliding parts are silent, remain unchanged and require no maintenance. Manufactured in 1/leaf type – 2/leaves type – reversible – rotated. The rails are locked at three different points with the use of stainless steel lock. Placed easily and quickly on any frame-opening, new or old construction.


Package dimension per opening Installation guide Required width Top view Rotation 180°