VL Pergola DYI free-standing bioclimatic pergola system is now available in either manual or motorized operation. It is suitable for home or professional application and ergonomically designed to provide shading and protection from wind and rain in any outdoor space. It is available in three KITS of ready dimensions 3x3, 3x4 and 3.6x3.6m and stands out for its ease of assembly and installation. Movable blinds and optional vertical shading offer functionality and comfort, making the pergola... "all weather"!

The main advantages of VL Pergola DIY are:

Easy installation | VL Pergola can be easily and quickly installed by two persons, by only using household tools (screwdriver, wrench, hammer, ladder) and the relevant accessories included in the package (screws, bolts, nuts, etc.). No further machining is required as the posts and beams are pre-drilled and ready to assemble by just following the installation instructions.





Shading & Movable Blinds | ...on sunny days on a surface of up to 13 m2, through two rows of manual blinds 9cm wide, that operate separately with the use of a crank, offering different levels of shading. The motorized pergola has 15cm wide single blinds, for maximum sturdiness, sun protection and ergonomics, at the push of a button. The two pergola systems make it possible to install in any outdoor space, even when power supply is not available.  


Watertightness | Movable blinds, with the option of manual or motorized operation, offer protection from the rain, maximizing outdoor comfort. When the blinds are closed, rainwater does not pass through. The gutter system of the pergola reliably ensures the drainage of water and its channeling through the four vertical beams on the ground. Gutters are “invisible”, built into the horizontal beams.


Minimal aesthetics & LED lighting | The modern design of the construction with straight line profiles and the two available shades - either in a gray powder-coated finish in RAL 7016 shade, or in white RAL 9010 finish - form an external shading system with minimal aesthetics, which can fit perfectly into different spaces, like a house, a hotel outdoor area or any other business premise. Built-in LED lighting in the motorized pergola blinds adds a sense of luxury


Vertical shading system | The optional vertical shading system with zip in one, two, three or even four sides of the pergola ensure maximum sun and insect protection, while maintaining visibility thanks to the perforated gray net material. The vertical shading system is motorized in the case of the motorized pergola, or manually in the manually operated pergola.


Robustness of construction | VL Pergola DIY is made of aluminum profiles, which offer maximum sturdiness. The vertical columns and horizontal aluminum beams, combined with the support bases, provide great stability to the construction, as long as the installation is done correctly on a concrete or wooden floor, following the installation instructions.


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